1. Depth and Expertise

HCAT schools are committed to identifying, nurturing and harnessing the talents of staff at all levels.

Across our family of schools we currently have:

  • TWO National Leaders of Education (NLE)
  • TWO Local Leaders of Education (LLE)
  • 13 Specialist Leaders of Edcution (SLE)
  • A dedicated School Improvement team 3 Current Ofsted Inspectors and Subject Leads
  • Two National Leaders of Governance (NLG)
  • A director with headship, SIP and Ofsted experience
  • A director with headship, Local Authority, DfE National Strategies and Ofsted experience
  • Expertise within the management systems including building, bid writing, health, financial, health and safety and legal
  • HCAT also has experience of, and will support schools through, high quality project management of the Academy conversion process so that the impact on school life is minimised.